Modules of Program

BLAST provides a modular acceleration program with dedicated streams for mature deep-tech research projects and pre-seed start-ups in ASD fields.

Those six modules will help and boost around 20 start-ups annually. This “à la carte” program will provide tools and proper support for the applicants depending on the stage of growth and needs.

Aerospace & Defense Deep Tech Entrepreneurship class

Provide necessary skills to create a ASD  start-up from scratch (from the idea/row technology to the 1st structure investment pitch).

Module leader: Ecole Polytechnique
Means: Deep-Tech Entrepreneurship Certificate for ASD market
Duration: 7 months

Aerospace & Defense market class

Train entrepreneurs to master trends specificities of ASD markets (value chain, main players, public market, certifications, etc.).

Module leader: Starburst
Duration: 8-10 workshops

Deep-Tech expertise and test means

Support project leader with ASD Deep-Tech expertise and providing cutting-edge testing facilities.

Module leader: ONERA
Means: 100 hours of expertise + 30 hours access to testing facilities per project
Duration: 1 year

Intellectual Property and technological enhancement

Set-up with the project leader their IP strategy and roadmap. Connect leaders with relevant technologies developed within the ecosystem.

Module leader: SATT Paris-Saclay
Means: Group and individual trainings
Duration: 1 year

ASD Ecosystem Discovery

Help project leaders to strengthen their knowledge of the local and national ecosystem with dedicated networking actions.

Module leader: Starburst
Means: Learning expeditions and networking events
Duration: 1 year

ASD Acceleration

Provide intensive support actions to mature start-ups in order to enable them to seed fundraising. Enable the project leaders to raise Seed funds by providing intensive support actions. (Value-proposition challenge, mentoring, business development, communication, etc.). Module to end with a demo-day in front of investors and corporate.

Module leader: Starburst
Means: Class, mentoring, demo-day
Duration: 13 weeks

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